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Početna Proizvodi Potrošačka elektronika Dronovi Autel EVO MAX 4T Standard Bundle (no battery)

Autel EVO MAX 4T Standard Bundle (no battery)

01-0001323631 Autel EVO MAX 4T Standard Bundle (no battery) Potrošačka elektronika/Dronovi
Šifra: 01-0001323631
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EVO MAX 4T - A Leader of Drone Intelligence The EVO Max 4T brings powerful technologies and advanced autonomy to users. EVO Max 4T a ssesses complex environments to create real-time 3D flight paths for unparalleled obstacle avoidance.Advanced sensors make flight in GPS unavailable areas possible and the incredible new thermal payload unlocks new object identification and tracking scenarios.With a foldable, weather-resistant design, the EVO Max 4T is as portable as it is capable. Autonomous Path Finding:Autel's Autonomy Engine collects surrounding environmental data and plans 3D flight paths through complex en vironments such as mountains, forests, and buildings. Use cases include rapid 3D scene reconstruction, public safety overwatch, industrial inspection, and land surveying. Navigation in GPS Denied Environment: Advanced sensors allow the EVO Max 4T to navigate within hardened structures, underground, or in environments without GPS. Accurate Object Identification and Tracking : Based on Autel's AI recognition technology, the EVO Max 4T can automatically identify and lock onto different types of targets such as heat sources, moving people, or vehicles and achieve high-altitude tracking and data collection for law enforcement. No Blind Spots-Ultimate Obstacle Avoidance EVO Max 4T is the only commercial drone that combines traditional binocular vision systems with millimeter wave radar technology. This allows the EVO Max 4T's onboard Autel Autonomy Engine to perceive objects down to 0.5 inch, eliminating blind spots and enabling operation in low light or rainy conditions. Anti Jam-Anti Interference The EVO Max 4T uses advanced flight control modules and algorithms specially designed to counter RFI, EMI, and GPS spoofing.. A-Mesh 1.0 - The Drone Industry's First Mesh Networking Technolog EVO Max 4T features the new A-Mesh system, enabling drone-to-drone autonomous communication, connection, and collaboration. Strong Anti-Interference: The EVO Max 4T can communicate seamlessly with other drones in the vicinity, unlike a traditional chain structure. If a single drone fails or exits unexpectedly, the entire system will independently self-organize and continue to relay critical information. Beyond-Line-of-Sight Applications: With A-Mesh, multiple aircrafts in the vicinity can act as relay points to greatly improve BVLOS operation effectiveness Full-Fleet Control:Multiple drones can be controlled autonomously by 1 pilot or by a group of pilots simultaneously with or without LTE coverage. Enhanced Range Autel SkyLink 3.0 The EVO Max 4T SkyLink 3.0 system comes with 6 antennas, 4 frequency bands, AES-256 encryption*, and optional 4G integration* to provide users with the most advanced flight capabilities ever in an EVO. 900MHz/2.4G Hz/5.2GHz/5.8GHz** : Frequency Bands <150ms Latency Mission Ready Payload The payload integrates wide-angle camera, zoom camera, thermal camera and a laser rangefinder for all data capture needs and critical decision making. Wide Camera: 50MP 1/1.28" CMOS Aperture: f/1.9 DFVO: 85° Equivalent: 23 mm Zoom Camera: 48MP 8K 10x Optical Zoom 160x Max. Hybrid Zoom Aperture: f/2.8-f/4.8 Thermal Camera: 640x512 Aperture: 13mm 16x Digital Zoom Temperature Measurement Range: -20°C to 550°C Laser Rangefinder: Measuring Range: 5 - 1200m Measurement Accuracy: +1m Smart Features 3D Map Planning Quick Mission Mission Reproduction Multiple Mission Types Terrain Follow Rectangular Mission Automatic Mission Generation And Data Capture Waypoint Missions Oblique Photography Spiral Mission Vertical Scan Corridor Mission Data Security Privacy Protection Encrypted Data Storage: Supports AES-256 encryption for photos, videos, and flight logs, are password-protected

The EVO Max 4T brings powerful technologies and advanced autonomy to users. Advanced sensors, foldable, weather-resistant design, autonomous pathfinding. Navigation in GPS Denied Environment, Anti Jam-Anti Interference,...

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